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Acome Quality Commitments

For many years now, ACOME has developed relations with all its suppliers based on “QUALITY ASSURANCE”.

Our relationships are thus above all built on our partners’ commitment.

They undertake to implement best practices and to manage quality.

Step 1

To ACOME, the primary pillar of quality management is certification by an accredited organisation.

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Step 2

Then, we make sure that our partners are able to continuously supply products in line with ACOME’s requirements. That is why we have developed our own product approval system.

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Step 3

Lastly, when our procedures show that the standard of quality required by ACOME is possible on a long-term basis, we commit ourselves to a trusting relationship with our partners underpinned by product quality assurance.

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Step 4

Conversely, this label of trust can be withdrawn in the event of failure to fulful quality requirements.

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