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What is accessibility?

An accessible website is a site that enables all Internet users to access its content without difficulty, including people who are handicapped and use special browsers.

An accessible website provides the following, for example:

  • Navigation with specialised tools used by visually-handicapped Internet users (voice synthesis and Braille displays);
  • A website layout specially adapted to the needs of partially-sighted Internet users (an enlarged font, and modified colours and contrasts);
  • Navigation without using the mouse, for Internet users who have lost the use of their hands.

For this, the website must obey strict rules when it is designed and updated.

Assistance available on the website

The website is accessible and offers many functions enabling all Internet users to navigate it easily.

  • Page customisation
    The website’s content is separate from its layout, enabling users to customise its display depending on their needs. Among other things, users can do the following:
    • Change the font size, using the standard function provided by the browser
    • Delete the layout information (colours, styles, font size, etc.).
  • Aids to navigation
    • Returning to the home page: to return to the website’s home page, click the ACOME logo located in the top left corner of each page on the site.
    • Navigation path: displays your navigation path and your location on the website. The navigation path is located in the upper section of each page on the website. You can click each element in the path, enabling you to easily retrace your steps.
    • Site map: provides a complete picture of all of the website’s sections and subsections. It can be displayed by clicking a hyperlink at the foot of each page.
    • Search engine: each page on the website contains a hyperlink to a search engine. The search results list all of the website’s pages that meet your criteria.
    • Keyboard-based navigation: to use the keyboard alone to navigate the website, press the Up or Down cursor key to scroll upwards or downwards in the page, the Tab key to move to the next link, and the Enter key to activate the selected link.
  • Tools for downloading certain content for reading
    Plug-ins must be installed on your computer in order to read information in PDF, Flash and Real format. If these plug-ins are not already installed, you can download them free of charge by clicking the following links: