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Our training

As a recognized expert in the fields of construction and telecom infrastructure networks, ACOME can provide its customers with professional training services specific to their network construction needs. The goal: to guarantee the performance of its solutions by
dedicated accompaniment in the implementation process.

To whom is this training addressed?

Training and tailor-made module programs, produced by experts and instructors at ACOME are targeted towards customers and their employees:

  • telecoms operators,
  • territorial communities,
  • design offices,
  • network installers and assemblers,
  • .....

Where does this training take place?

Training can be given on site at Mortain (Normandy) or within the structure of the client requesting it, in France and abroad.

What areas are dealt with?

From building wiring to the design of telecom infrastructure networks, training covers every field of expertise of the Group:

  • FTTH network deployment solutions,
  • LAN wiring networks,
  • residential wiring,
  • optical fiber etc.

What are the proposed training tools?

To address every expectation of its customers, ACOME provides them with:
Practical training in its Very High Rate Expertise Center (CETHD). Located at Mortain, this educational platform with a surface area of 10,500 m2 includes all the infrastructure models (including 50 km of conduits and overhead lines),