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Our status as SCOP

Having the status of Cooperative and Participative Company (SCOP) since its creation in 1932, ACOME is the first French cooperative industrial group.


In the SCOP, 100 % of employees are expected to become Associates within a maximum of three years after their induction. This status gives each of them:

  • Full involvement in the company project,
  • Mobilization on strong cooperative values,
  • Participation in capital and decisions,
  • Sharing of the results.

Every day, 1400 employees in France and abroad, combine their skills and ensure the sustainable development of the company.

A new name for SCOPs since 2010!
In 2010, the cooperative movement changed its logo and the reference used, "Sociétés Coopératives de Production" was converted to "Sociétés Coopératives et Participatives". This new identification underlines the new involvement of the employees in the workings of the company.