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Acome plays a cooperative and innovative industrial role among the European leaders, and is now one of the essential players on the cable, wire and synthetic tubes market.

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Its know how is shared between three major markets

The company has maintained its activities since its creation in 1932, winning an enviable position on the automotive and embedded solution markets, in telecom networks and infrastructures, and also in the building industry.

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Today, the SCOP is renowned to be:

  • the leading manufacturer of high technology automotive wires and cables,
  • the leading French manufacturer for telecom wiring solutions,
  • the third European optical fiber manufacturer,
  • the leading French manufacturer of PEXc tubes for the building industry,

Mortain, the nerve center of its production

With buildings totaling an area of 115,000 m² encompassing manufacturing, ACOME's industrial facility in Normandy is one of Europe's biggest. The company has its production, research and development facilities there:

Mortain, au coeur de la production

  • More than 1000 people work on research and development, engineering, purchasing and logistics for the group.
  • Five fiber and optical cables, copper cable and synthetic tube production units are located on the same site.
  • The leading Very High Rate Expertise Center (CETHD) dedicated to experimenting and demonstrating optical technologies (telecommunication infrastructures and building wiring).