Solutions for a connected world

Our markets

Every day, ACOME's unique know-how and capability for technological innovation are illustrated through its three main activity sectors.

Telecoms networks and infrastructures

ACOME is an expert and leader in the fields of infrastructure, telecom, railway and motorway cables, accompanying each of its customers through the deployment of its Very High Rate infrastructures: copper solutions, approach to optical fiber cable systems and connection products. ACOME's offer is articulated on the basis of:

  • Copper conductor network cables:
    Its solutions accompany the deployment of ADSL and the DSL but also include cable ranges for network ungrouping, switching circuits, data centers, very high rate building risers etc.
  • Single mode optical fibers:
    ACOME is now one of the three main European single mode optical fiber producers with its fiber production facility at Mortain. It is one of the major stakeholders in the deployment of Very High Rate operations in all the different segments: long-distance networks,collection networks, service networks, building and home wiring etc.
  • Signaling cables:
    ACOME cables are used on French railway and motorway networks and in many European countries, especially for very high-speed train lines. SCOP also offers high fire resistance cables for tunnels, metro or airport signaling purposes.
  • VHV substation equipment cables:
    ACOME's catalog includes a full range of power, control, measurement and telecom cables for VHV substations.

Automotive and embedded solutions

ACOME has supplied the automobile sector for more than 60 years and is one of the three global leaders for high-technology automotive wires and cables which are environmentally friendly. The group is now a recognized expert in:

  • Automotive wiring (zero halogen high technology wires and cables for electrical functions),
  • Wires and cables for rolling stock,
  • Cables for photovoltaic equipment.

Moreover, to ensure its diversification, ACOME is involved in the development of other markets such as the wiring of bus and heavy goods vehicle, industrial vehicles, photovoltaic systems and railway rolling stock.

Building solutions and networks

For more than 30 years, ACOME has built up a unique know-how in the design and production of copper and optical cables and synthetic tubes. SCOP has become a major player in the various fields of building networks (residential, tertiary, public or private, industrial).

Its specialties:

  • Communication networks in buildings and on campuses,
  • Security and bioelectricity networks,
  • Electric radiant floor systems,
  • Low/very low consumption heating and cooling systems,
  • Tracing systems,
  • Domestic hot and cold water distribution / radiator supply.