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Acome has always been committed to a quality approach with visible benefits in every stratum of the company. Accordingly, its know-how and expertise are now recognized across the board, through its many certifications.


What is certification?

According to the Ministery of Industry: "certification is a procedure by which a third-party gives its written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to the specified requirements. Certification is a voluntary act which can give companies a competitive advantage. It is issued by certifying organisms independent of the certified companies and the public authorities."

Quality certifications:

  • iso9001 [1.10 MB]
    IQNET-iso9001 (quality management): Since 1993, these certifications show the quality of the products and all the services provided by ACOME, through all its industrial facilities in France, Brazil and China.

  • iso-ts16949 [496.28 kB]
    manufacture ): Since 2004, this certification confirms the quality of automobile products by ACOME (from design through to development, including production and sale of wires, cables and accessories). A real added value factor warranting credibility among all the major automobile makers who use the same referential on an international scale.

  • cofrac17025 [256.03 kB]

    COFRAC accreditation for testing fire behavior depending on the program 77-2: confirms competent and qualified personnel for fire behavior tests specific to electrical issues. Enables the Mortain test laboratory to carry out officially recognized testing.

Environmental certifications

ACOME is committed to developing environmentally friendly products and processes.
Its ISO 14001 certification, issued in 1996 confirms this fact.

iso14001 [669.85 kB]

ACOME is also committed to setting up the REACH Regulation No. E907/2006 for the European Union which entered into effect on June 1, 2007. This new regulation concerns the registration, assessment, authorization and restricted use of chemicals.

All these certifications confirm the group's determination to adopt a committed qualitative, environmental and social attitude. This policy is now sustained by the responsible behavior of all the employees at ACOME.