Solutions for a connected world

Challenges, vision

ACOME has held a leading position in the cables industry in Europe.
This success has been made possible thanks to the company's determination to base its development on strong values: innovation, diversification and sustainable development.


The keys to development

Over the years, ACOME has understood that the success of its enterprise depended on its capacity to diversify and balance out its activities portfolio.

Deployed in this way, through its three major markets the company practices its skills in new technologies:

  • wire and cables,
  • optical fibers,
  • synthetic tubes,
  • and associated systems.

Drawing on its research and innovation faculty, ACOME has become an acclaimed technical expert in terms of:

  • metallurgy and copper drawing;
  • plastics, polymer compounding and extrusion,
  • e-beam polymer crosslinking,
  • optical fiber,
  • industrial control of test and measurement means.

A long-term strategy

ACOME's history is based above all on a human project. As a SCOP, it implicates the associated employee in corporate development. In return, ACOME makes a commitment to its associates and the environment in the broadest terms possible.

The challenges of sustainable development are at the heart of ACOME's activities and professions. They result in:

  • lasting technologies and products,
  • proximity partnerships with its partners and suppliers,
  • strong territorial anchorage.

From product design to their recovery at life's end, ACOME respects the principles of sustainable development. The company also strives to deploy eco-design and minimize consumption and greenhouse effect gas emissions in its production processes ...

An energy management approach according to the EN 16001 standard was engaged with the support of ADEME to reduce even further the Group's energy consumption.