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Press release - "The connected vehicle and mobility diversification program", between now and 2020, ACOME will invest €27.7 million at its Mortain-Romagny production plant to succeed in the connected mobility challenge and ensure the long-term future of its production plant in Normandy

Monday 03 September 2018

Mortain-Romagny, September 3, 2018

Today, Jacques Mézard, the French Minister of Territorial Cohesion, is visiting the ACOME production plant in the department of Manche, accompanied by ACOME chairman Jacques de Heere. As France’s flagship technology company in the market for hi-tech cables used in the automotive industry, data networks and telecoms infrastructures, ACOME enjoys State support for its plans to diversify into the connected vehicle and mobility market. This support takes the form of a €1 million French regional planning grant covering the period 2018 to 2020 signed off by the Minister last December.

The challenges of the connected vehicle and mobility diversification program

The connected vehicle and mobility diversification program anticipates the upcoming revolution in the automotive and telecoms markets served by the cable industry.

Its existing automotive and telecoms businesses put ACOME firmly at the epicenter of the transformation in data networks.

Connected mobility is one of the central challenges for future years. It encompasses not only vehicles and their embedded cabling systems, but also the fixed and mobile superfast broadband telecommunications infrastructures that will be needed to provide interactive communication between vehicles and the road infrastructure (so-called smart roads or 5G roads).

The ACOME connected vehicle and mobility diversification program will enable the development of the future cabling systems needed to facilitate data communication from infrastructures to vehicles (I2V), from vehicles to infrastructures (V2I), between vehicles (V2V) and internally within individual vehicles.

ACOME must succeed in one particular major challenge: developing its own specific research and development program and funding the new production facilities needed to anticipate market demand and the requirements of its key customers, who themselves are engaged in their own technological revolutions: telecoms service providers preparing for 5G and vehicle manufacturers addressing the challenges of electric and autonomous vehicles.

This business diversification program developed by ACOME for its Mortain-Romagny production plant is essential for the ongoing future of its industrial base and research and development center, and to protect the jobs they provide. The reality is that telecommunication infrastructures are engaged in a process of transformational change as copper cable networks are progressively replaced by optical fiber networks. So the industrial production of copper cables for telecommunications networks will decline sharply in the near future.

A major industrial investment program

The dual telecoms and automotive expertise of ACOME is a key strength for the region and for France, and one that few other automotive cabling specialists can boast today. The program is based on a major industrial investment program valued at €27.7 million, and the regional planning grant plays an important role in this package. This diversification program - which could equally be described as an anticipatory conversion project - will enable ACOME to set the industry benchmark for supporting the transformational change of the automotive and telecoms industries, and give the company a strong position in the manufacturing technologies of the future.

ACOME will bring together all the leading key players from the telecoms and automotive industries at its next superfast broadband networks festival on June 27, 2019.


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