Solutions for a connected world

Key dates

1932 Creation of ACOME (Association Coopérative d’Ouvriers en Matériel Electrique).
1941 The company sets up a telephone cord manufacturing workshop at Mortain, Normandy.
1949 Startup of the manufacturing PVC insulated wires and adapting of this new technology to the production of automotive equipment wires.
1960 Automobile interference suppression becomes mandatory. ACOME fits out more than 30% of the French automobile inventory with interference suppression cables.

The company participates in the telephone development plan in France.

In 1976, it acquires an industrial electronic separator for the reticulation of cable insulators and opens the way to many applications in a variety of fields. ACOME also opens a research center with the latest equipment.

1981 ACOME widens the range of its building products by installing a low temperature heating floor system.
1998 The company opens its German and Brazilian subsidiaries, followed by its setups in China (1999), Italy (2007) and Spain (2008).
2000 ACOME incorporates optical fiber production technology into its activity.
2006 ACOME is committed to sustainable development and adheres to the 10 principles of UN Global Compact. ACOME opens a Very High Rate Expertise Center which incorporates a training, experiment and demonstration unit for new technologies.
2008 In Normandy, ACOME now has a production tool which is among the highest performing in Europe. The group is now turned toward the large foreign markets and addresses demands for efficiency and productivity of its economy, now globalized, thanks to its strong international presence..
2011 ACOME has already launched 12 new eco-designed products and proposes the 11 smallest cable on the market with identical performance, reducing its environmental footprint by 7.5%.