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Since the company's founding, ACOME has had a management policy based on the involvement and responsibility enhancement of its employees. Dialogue, transmission of shared values are sources of lasting company development ...


We are all responsible!

By adhering to the Global Compact, ACOME has simply confirmed the social values on the bases of which it has always operated. As Société Coopérative et Participative (SCOP), the company policy is passed on through the generations with the values: commitment, excellence, solidarity and respect.

Coordination and communication

ACOME in 2000, set up an operating system using production islands for the unit management and guaranteeing optimum conditions to ensure cost-quality-lead time efficiency and environmental safety. Information points are set up in the production areas and dedicated to the employees. They ensure efficient communication and coordination of the teams.

New management rituals and a suitable organization were established in 2006. To improve performance, associated employees with the person in charge of the production island,refer every day to the manufacturing progress: production performance in terms of quality, cost, lead time, safety, environment, latest information from the manufacturing line, and position about lead times to be fulfilled ... Transparency guaranteeing the collective involvement of all and, finally, the productivity of the company.

ACOME’s mangement policy in three points!
  • A commitment at every level and management systems facilitating the deployment of good practices for sustainable development in the company.
  • Surveillance to keep ahead of changes to the regulations and to facilitate risk management.
  • Efficient and reactive reporting to the continuous improvement