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Innovation plays an important role in the sustainable development policy at ACOME.
Since 2006, the group has directly integrated eco-design into the heart of its prospective ... An economic mental approach qualified by the renewal of the ISO 14001 certification in 2008.

  Eco-design process  

Innovating with respect for the environment

ACOME analysis and test laboratories ensure, all year round, consulting and regular supporting activities from the production units. They guarantee the quality of the proposed products from the standpoint of the processes and the materials or products. The tests cover the mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical and environmental characteristics of each product. An economic and environmental approach terminating in the manufacturing of high-performance and lasting products, respectful of the environment.

Economy and ecology: The strength of eco-design

Eco-design integrates the very heart of production activity: from design (or improvement) of the product through to the end of its life, not forgetting its manufacture and use. Above all it is a matter of reducing the environmental footprint of the product throughout its lifecycle, while preserving its qualities of use and performance. The materials and components used for manufacturing, and the utilization conditions of the product are also defined to reduce the consumed energy and any reduction in consumption induces gain in the end-user energy invoice. A definite economic advantage which renders the products designed in this way adjustable to the greatest numbers.

ACOME's commitment

Being ISO certified, it is now recognized that ACOME develops products and processes that are respectful of the environment. Indeed, the group is committed to:

  • guaranteeing the conformity of its products with legislation and environment regulations,
  • being implicated in improving its environmental performance,
  • decreasing its environmental impact (selective waste sorting, reduction of water and energy consumption, elimination of liquid waste, elimination of CFC's for the protection of the ozone layer),
  • contributing to the research and innovation process to preserve and enhance the environment,
  • applying the principles of prevention and precaution within the company.
ACOME : innovation to serve the environment
  • Innovating solutions incorporating the preserving and highlighting of the environment.
  • Masterered knowhow and familiarity with eco-design.