Solutions for a connected world


Transparency and visibility are at the heart of concerns at ACOME. Since its founding, the company
has `internal communication. By activating the right to speech to all its employees, it ensures that every one of the company layers is entitled to anticipate things.


The voice of the managers

Every six months, a letter was sent to the associates taking stock of the latest company news:

  • turnover,
  • company changes,
  • development,
  • deployment among the various subsidiaries of ACOME,
  • reminders of the voting results

All the subjects are dealt with to give the company actors optimum visibility.

The voices of the associate employees

Since dialogue implies exchange, associated employees are also entitled to express themselves regarding the development of their company. This is evident every day in the production islands set up in each factory. Suggestion areas dedicated to the employees and associates give them an opportunity of actively participating in the continuous improvement of the working conditions.

On a larger scale, the associates have the right to vote in the general meeting. They have an influence on the policy adopted by the company by designating their representatives to attend the administrative committee, who elect the company president.