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Cooperative commitments

ACOME has always placed Cooperative commitment at the heart of its development. Implicated and responsible, the employees work together with the same values passed on from one generation to the next. A warrant of success and competitiveness has proved its worth for more than 75 years!


Together, working in the same direction

With the strength of its cooperative status, ACOME, France's first SCOP (Société coopérative et participative) ( B), has always counted a great deal on the human values of its enterprise. Since its founding in 1932, commitment, excellence, solidarity and respect, all sources of internal cohesion, contribute into durability.

The strength of implication

At ACOME management strategies based on concepts of confidence before the fact, responsibility and an entrepreneur spirit. By setting up within its factories production islands (1997) sets out by product or profession, ACOME consolidated the human and participative dimension of the company.

The financial structure

As a cooperative company, its financial structure was designed to guarantee durability. Associated employees, company stakeholders, have the assurance of working in an innovative, stable and dynamic cooperative group, offering them many perspectives.

ACOME's cooperative commitment is based on dynamism at the service of efficiency and operation management.