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Sustainable development

Throughout its history, ACOME has made an active commitment to the Men and Women in the company by making social, economic and environmental issues an intrinsic element of its development. ACOME, which has now signed the UN’s Worldwide Pact, has officially integrated sustainable development in its corporate strategy and aligns its policy with a special charter incorporating the three pillars of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic issues.


Social commitment

By locating its production units in Normandy, ACOME has chosen to bank on the quality of the region’s human resources. This is consistent with ACOME’s stated social policy of contributing to the economic stability of the areas in which it locates its plants and building long-term employment there, and the group implements this policy both in France and at the international level.

Environmental action

The group, which received the French Ministry for the Environment’s regional award for environmental protection in 1996, has continuously invested in its environmental programme of prevention and protection.

Since 1998, ACOME has included environmental issues in its policy and makes a commitment to:

  • Comply with the law, environmental regulations and all other requirements applying to its operations,
  • Continuously seek to improve its environmental performance,
  • Reduce any significant environmental impacts, particularly those relating to water quality,
  • Use research and innovation to help to protect and improve the environment,
  • Apply preventive and precautionary principles,
  • Implement all of the enterprise’s commitments within itself and its partners.

Economic issues

In meeting current needs without impacting on those of future generations, ACOME has had to consider the economic issues involved in acquiring environmentally-friendly solutions. ACOME’s primary objective is to provide its customers with products that meet the functional and price requirements while also addressing environmental issues. Addressing the economic issues additionally helps to ensure the enterprise’s sustainability.

By including these social, economic and environmental issues in its product development, ACOME provides users with upgradable, long-lasting products at the best price!