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RMS solutions


ACOME , thanks to its expertise in fiber and its knowledge of networks, has been developing optical solutions to serve campuses and buildings with optical fibers right through to the connectorfor several years. Very early on, ACOME went for the full IP option and the interest of using fibers in and around buildings. To address this need, ACOME has set up 2 network offers:

RMS tertiary, a building interior network solution

RMS campus, a solution providing services for outside buildings, and interconnection between them


Very early on (at the end of the nineties), ACOME went for the full IP option, believing that all the communications inside a building would migrate toward a single communications protocol. Today, there is no getting away from the fact that we were right and that telephony has moved on to IP, followed by applications like video surveillance, access control now under IP, and more recently, building technical management (BTM) has also joined this communication protocol. This migration has obviously caused major changes in the design, implementation and operation of networks.


RMS ranges have been designed to support, from optical media, all the needs of a building or campus in terms of connectivity. Conscious of the fact that for the user, technological changes must be kept as transparent as possible, solutions incorporate possibilities of terminating networks in optoelectronic components, enabling a user to preserve the use of the RJ-45 connector he is used to and the network interfaces available to him. The RMS architecture can also be used for creating new points of access to a network, without any necessary redeployment of the infrastructure.
ACOME controls the entire design of passive components in its network solutions, drawing on the assistance of the leading industries thanks to particularly strong partnerships for active products.


ACOME has two proposals

For building interiors, RMS tertiary

Optical cables
fiber branch-out boxes
connection cables and cords
active boxes
micro switches
media converters
energy supply and management solutions (230V and 48V)

For building exteriors

Pe micro-conduits, reinforced and fire resistant
Branch out boxes
Active cabinets and units
Ethernet active terminals