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Remote transfer Cables


TELEREPORT remote transfer cables are intended for transmitting data between energy or fluid meters, inside housing, and an interface, consisting of a remote transfer box, at the fringes of the property.


A range of Téléreport remote transfer cables designed for data transmissions


These cables are designed for use in electric energy, gas and water distribution systems, for metering consumption. They are capable of adapting to new meter-reading technologies, without penetrating into the properties.
In addition, they conform to the following standards:

  • NF C 33-400 EDF
  • NF C 32-070.2.1 and IEC 60332-1 non-flame propagating

A reinforced cable consisting of foil reinforcement 2/10 thick, laid lengthwise and covered over, gaining 43% of the time for the same operation performed for remote transfer with 2 helix-applied foil covers.


Subscriber connecting cables for EDF meters and interfaces:

  • Non-reinforced and reinforced cable, 2 pairs, 6/10e with PVC sheath. "Star" quad wiring.