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ACOME has developed a range of ACOLONNE series 288cables with improved performance to meet the needs of operators and guarantee the quality of service of their networks.

Series 288 cables can handle all the new technologies (ADSL2+/VDSL2 100 Mbits), Very High Speed and Triple Play applications in collective housing.

Les câbles série 288 prennent en compte les nouvelles technologies (ADSL2+/VDSL2 100 Mbits) Très Haut Débit et les applications Triple Play dans les logements collectifs.


The Series 288 wiring solution can recover the 2 segments needed for connection in the collective housing:

  • Segment 1: outdoor connection cable for installation in a conduit (up to the building distributor)
  • Segment 2: vertical communication cable from the building sub-distribution frame to the Interior Distribution Point (IDP)


ACOLONNE Series 288 cables:

  • ensure a link between the building distributor for the operator input cable and the distribution or floor distributors, in conformity with the UTE C 93-526standard
  • conform to the C 93-504xpstandard: Multipair cables used in communication networks with passbands of up to 30 MHz, intended for the supply and wiring of building and communication risers
  • with radial sealing, they can be installed indoors or outdoors in collective housing.
  • they do not propagate flames or fire, in conformity to standards NF C 32-070.2.1 and NF C 32-070.2.2. They thus limit effects on people and equipment.
  • they also contribute to limiting electromagnetic disturbance (Decree No. 2006-1278 of October 18, 2006, concerning the electromagnetic compatibility of electric and electronic equipment)

The Series 288 range consists of 8P - 14P - 28P - 56P - 112P cables to supply the greatest number of applications.
They are absolutely suited to improving the speeds to be achieved with many users and over long distances thanks to their high-frequency parameters.