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  SYT + Digital  

The SYT+ DIGITAL® range addresses the needs for analog and digital telephone line distribution through buildings, at rates of up to 2Mbit/s like ADSL and ISDN.
ACOME builds and sells its SYT+ DIGITAL® cables which are halogen free and generally used and installed in Buildings Open to the Public (PBs). Materials not containing halogen, or any nitrogen-bearing product, with the properties of giving off only small amounts of fumes and not allowing fire to spread, to ensure the safety of people and property.


A wide range of products adapted to every environment, for links inside and outside buildings:

  • Tertiary
  • Industrial, especially for metallurgical and nuclear locations
  • Domestic


  • Fast transmission of digital data
  • Easy installation
  • Installation lasting for several years
  • Improved safety with the SYT+ DIGITALwith LSOH sheathcable:

- It does not give off any corrosive and toxic agents and is capable of ensuring the safety of people and equipment
- Better visibility in case of fire: Faster evacuation of people
- Less extensive damage


Description of the SYT+ DIGITAL® with LSOH sheath range:

  • SYT+ DIGITAL: installed on shelves, in cable paths or directly to walls.

  • SYT+ DIGITAL REINFORCED : buried in sheaths to ensure better mechanical protection and to avoid rodents.

  • SYT+ DIGITAL SHIELDED: cables installed in the gutters and used to construct LAN micro-networks (IT stations with 2 or 3 connectors), recommended for installations in interference-prone electromagnetic environments.

  • SYT+ DIGITAL FIRE ALARM (with red sheath): can be installed directly by attachment in cable paths, in tubing, bonded or in the ceiling. Reinforced protection properties against the spread of flames or fire mean that they offer the best safety guarantees. These cables are used for an alarm tele-transmission or smoke extraction.

  • SYT+ DIGITAL NPI (non-fire propagating): with a metal reinforcement, conform to the requirements of the standard relative to the prevention of the spread of fire NF C 32070-2-2 (C1). Designed specifically for applications in nuclear power stations conforming to the RCC-E regulation.