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Optical Acolan


The ACOLAN optical offer addresses all the requirements of network construction in professional buildings and for interconnections between the buildings and outside services (security and safety, accesscontrol, surveillance…)
The ACOLAN optical offer also covers every building sector: tertiary, industrial centers, logistical centers, train stations, ports, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, university and education, sport & leisure, museums.


With the generalization of IP and increased data rate requirements, optical fiber is increasinglybecoming the preferredmedium for building interconnection and for construction of communication lines inside buildings. Howeverit is also used for connecting all the special network access points requiring either very high rates, or distances over which copper is unable to transport information all the way. Other special applications like data centers and video surveillance, are increasingly using fiber optics.

To address these needs, ACOME has developed increasingly higher performing products (in terms of transmission, implementation and environment) and keeps many of these products in stock so as to be able to guarantee the shortest order turnaround times.


ACOME's range of LAN and optical cables is designed on the basis of the company's know how in the manufacturing of fiber, designing cables, and in total awareness of the implementation and control problem issues.
The range is wide, covering every cable application for cords, up to high-capacity cables for indoor installations.
Thanks to extensive experience in the formulation of its own polymer compounds, ACOME has set up solid experience of fire resistance problem processing. We offera full range of products meeting the strictestdemands.


ACOME proposes several cable ranges adapted to various needs:

  • "Compact-tube" structure cables for outdoor cabling
  • Versions designed for pulling through conduits
  • Central Loose Tube and Loose Tube cables assembled for Interconnection of buildings and optical communication lines
  • Standard indoor/outdoor versions, reinforced, with steel reinforcement
  • Mini Break-out (900µm fiber) for spurs or capillary wiring
  • Standard or reinforced versions
  • Cables for cords

The current fiber standards will allow transmissions over the following lengths:

Max. distance OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4 OS2
Fast Ethernet 2,000m 2,000m 2,000m 2,000m 10,000m
Giga Ethernet 275m 550m 1,000m 1,100m 10,000m
10 Giga 33m 82m 300m 550m 10,000m
40-100Giga 100m 150m 10,000m

ACOME proposes a range of fibers addressing the market standards.