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Unique industrial know-how

ACOME has built up unique know-how in the industry and in the new manufacturing technologies for high-performance wires and cables, synthetic tubes, polymer reticulation by electro-physical processes, heating systems, optical technologies etc. Those technologies have enabled the company to become the European leader in its activity areas.


Basic technologies

ACOME has built up know-how in terms of:

  • signal transmission & high speed,
  • optical fiber,
  • metallurgy,
  • physics and chemistry,
  • polymer materials,
  • plastics,
  • polymer reticulation,
  • thermal exchanges,
  • industrial processes,
  • security,
  • characterization of materials, measurements, inspections and tests.

Applied technologies

ACOME is the current leader in the following fields:

  • wire drawing,
  • wiring and strand production,
  • compounding,
  • electro-physical reticulation: irradiation,
  • extrusion,
  • fibering.

Mortain, at the cutting edge!


To procure this know-how, this 42 ha site in Normandy had to set up a high-performance equipment and modern processes like the insulation, wiring and sheathing lines running at very high speeds, with automated control and integrated checking.

In each production unit, management works by islands. Every day, each island sets its daily production requirements and guarantees workforce and machine efficiency. Basing their operations on the results of these arguments, each team applies the means needed to meet its deadlines and, finally, to customer satisfaction.