Solutions for a connected world

The challenges

ACOME's strategy is to address the expectations of its customers while developing in such a way as to care for the environment.

Infrastructures: accompanying very high rates and network development

ACOME is accompanying the changes in multimedia communication and the development of very high rate infrastructures with open ended solutions having a low environmental impact.

It develops copper products and has an ongoing approach to an optical fiber cable system and to connection products. ACOME was at the origin of the concept of permanent accessibility to fiber in optical cables.

In 2010, the group developed the new Unitube "UNC 1556" range consisting of very light, small and easily installed optical cables. The new formulation of the compact tubes embodying these cables reduces the product environmental footprint by 35%.

Automotive: improving fuel economy and reducing emissions

To reduce the weight of vehicles and their emissions of CO2, ACOME is reducing the quantity of metal conductors and insulators, while preserving the performance of the products.

The group is also accompanying the development of hybrid and electric vehicles with the manufacture of wires and cables resisting voltages well above the traditional 12V.

Building: favoring sustainable construction

The new products designed by ACOME for IT networks in the residential, tertiary and industrial buildings sector have an outside diameter smaller than the traditional cables. This design reduces the environmental impact of the product by between 6 and 8% while decreasing the installation costs and optimizing space in the cable trays.