Solutions for a connected world


To ensure that end-users get product ranges that are reliable and perform well, ACOME is carrying out a sustained research & development policy. Almost 10% of its numbers and 5% of its turnover are devoted to this policy, and more than 25% of its activity comes from new products.


Its researcher and engineer teams have excelled many times as leaders in the technological development of wires and cables, optical fiber, synthetic tubes and associated systems, through four lines of innovation:

  • communication,
  • transport,
  • physiological comfort,
  • safety.

Marketing and research: a transversal organization

Marketing et Recherche

ACOME has made innovation a priority at every level of its supply chain. Strategic marketing and research & development activities have been grouped together under the same management. Their transversal action is carried out in close connection with the technical and marketing departments of the 3 activity centers. These teams monitor the overall performance of ACOME's research & development process through specific indicators.

Skill development: ACOME is customer oriented

ACOME has a competitive, regulatory and technological surveillance system for listening to and keeping ahead of customer requirements. The Research and Technology Strategy Department (DSRT) identifies the technical skills needed for developing new expertise to address these demands.

Eco-design conception

Since 2006, ACOME has been committed to an overall approach for eco-design that incorporates the analysis of the product's lifecycle, the recyclability and environmental impact indicators in order to design innovative products which optimize both costs and performance.