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Fiber and Optical Cable Production Unit Manager

After entering ACOME almost 25 years ago as quality control department technician, throughout his career, Christian Romero has changed in step with all the prospective possibilities offered to him by the Group. Let us take a look at his career evolution.

When did you enter ACOME?

I started with the company in 1987, following a DUT diploma in physical measurement. At the time, I was hired to fill out the quality control department technical teams working on coaxial cables. I stayed in that post for 2 years.

And then?

My career at ACOME changed in step with the escalation of my expertise. Subsequent to this initial post, I was put in charge of writing the quality inspection processes then I was made manager of a telephone cable inspection unit. A few years later, I became the manager of a manufacturing and finished product inspection unit (formerly Platform). As my career progressed, and I became more proficient, I gradually moved on to form part of theproduction teams: first as workshop chief for control-test cables and copper LAN cables before the Independent Production Islands project was set up), then as copper LAN cable
production manager: in addition to manufacturing, this job entailed being responsible for Logistics and Maintenance assignments.

And what position do you have today?

I and am the manager of the Fiber and Optical Cable Production Units (located at Mortain in Normandy): the responsibilities of are the same but the products and processes are entirely different. It is a brand-new experience. Changes are enriching and beneficial to everybody.

Was your route through ACOME atypical?

Not at all. At ACOME, there are always many possibilities of change. Every day I work alongside cooperators who, through their skills and involvement, have moved up the ladder of responsibilities and made themselves an enviable position in the Group. Our expertise and know-how are regularly assessed by the HR department which, as the years go by, entrusts to
us motivating jobs, increasingly suited to our expectations. It's another advantage of being an ACOME employee.

How do you see your future with the company?

If one day I am no longer so keen on this type of production, which can be demanding, I could take advantage of all my experience at ACOME, for instance to carry out a transversal assignment, proposing management tools and standards to each of the Group's Divisions.