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Technical-sales engineer

Claire Reygner has been a technical-sales engineer with ACOME since 2009, designing and developing wire and cable product ranges for the Group's Construction division. Let's look at her background and her experience ...

  Claire Reygnier  

What background did you have to lead you to this post?

My route has been somewhat atypical. After a DEUG qualification in biology and a degree in organic chemistry, I continued my training with a chemical formulation Masters 2 diploma. On finishing a first study completion apprenticeship with an expert company in painting, and an initial professional experience with a company specializing in tracing systems, I entered ACOME as a technical-sales engineer two years ago.

What made you choose ACOME?

Joining ACOME represented a real opportunity to move in with a large scale company, a leader in the field of cables. Furthermore, for the first time in my career, it gave me the chance to develop a new range of products. Another advantage, not without its importance was that the Group has a manufacturing facility in France. It was an opportunity for us to attend the
manufacturing of the products we design.

How did your integration in the company go?

It was fine. When I was inducted at ACOME, like all newcomers I was given dedicated accompaniment. Throughout my period of integration, I was taken to each department to meet with my future cooperators (technicians, communication managers, researchers, product managers ...). This made the exchanges much easier, all the more so in that as part of my work, I am regularly brought into contact with the marketing department, communication and sales.

After these two years of experience, as you see it, what are the main strong points of the company?

The cooperative nature of the company above all. All of the employees, no matter how much experience they have with SCOP, are driven by the same concern to help the company move forward. In addition, the status of associate granted to each employee after 3 years with the company reinforces this feeling of belonging. Today, I am really proud of working for a company like ACOME.

So what is the next step?

Moving into the ranks of the associate employees, in the one year's time, to participate even more actively in the life of the company!