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Legal information


Legal information

This website, ,belongs to the ACOME Company, a Cooperative and Participative Company, a veritable capital cooperative production and limited company with headquarters at 52 Rue de Montparnasse in PARIS 75014, registered with the Paris register of trade and commerce under number B 562.123.513. The publication manager for this website is Mrs. Nathalie LASCAUX, as Communication Director at ACOME.

The service provider hosting this website is the SMILE S.A. Company, a French Limited Company with capital of 570,625 euros, with head offices at 55 rue Raspail 92300 Levallois Perret, registered with the register of commerce at Nanterre under identification number B 378.615.363, represented by Mr. Marc PALAZON, acting as President of the Board.

In conformity with the terms of the law of 6 January 1978 concerning IT, files and liberties, the automated processing of nominative data carried out from this website has been reported to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) which issued a receipt in this respect under number 1339567 on 16/02/2009.

Data protection

Personal data protection, enforced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a priority to the Acome Group. In this context, we have taken a series of reasonable measures to secure your personal information processing.

Here under detailed policy applies to all individual using the services provided by our website. By surfing on our website, a user is likely to provide personal information to the Acome Group. The Acome Group will act as the Data Processor. Processing of your personal information will be performed in line with the dispositions of the GDPR and will follow all dispositions of the French legal environment, modified since the enforcement of the European regulation.

1) Definition

Please find here under a definition of the terms used in the context of this data privacy policy:


Corresponds to the agreement provided by an individual person to collect and process his/her personal information. To be valid, consent needs to be freely provided, specific to a treatment, understood and provided in a clear expression.

Personal Data

Any information allowing identifying, directly or indirectly, a person. This information may correspond to a name, surname, address, email address, salary identification (incomplete list).

Concerned person

In the context of this data privacy policy, a concerned person corresponds to the person whom data is processed.

Data Processor

Physical or moral person setting the rules and purposes related to personal data processing.


General Data Regulation: regulation setting the legal grounds around personal data processing in the European Union.

This regulation applies to:

- All countries listed in the European Union economic zone (EU members, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

- Any organization processing personal information on European residents.

Data processing

Any operation performed (gathering, computing, archiving, correction, deletion…) on personal information. This treatment can be automatized via software and databases.

Personal data transfer

Any personal data transfer among the units of the Group or a contractor. This transfer can be temporary or permanent.

2) Field of application and limits

This data privacy policy applies and is limited to the navigation on our website. Our website contains links to other platforms and applications operated by other companies (social network administrators, press releases…). Each user getting access to these pages or to a social network application from our website must consult related data privacy policies as these external links are not managed by any Acome Group entity. When leaving its website, Acome Group is no longer the data processor of your personal information. We kindly invite you to read any visited website data privacy policy.

3) Data Processor identification

The data processor is ACOME S.A., registered company at 52-rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France.

You may contact our Data Privacy Officer (DPO) in writing to the following address:

4) Categories of personal data collected

Data collected while navigating on our website correspond to two categories:

· Data provided by the concerned person

Several sections of our website contain registration forms implying personal data communication (booking on internally organized events, job application and contact via webmail or newsletter subscription).

In the context of a subscription to a service or a communication, the concerned person freely provides personal information. As the subscription to services/events is optional, users acknowledge to have provided information freely. It is important to remind that the concerned person will always have the right to consult, modify and request deletion of any piece of personal information we possess.

· Navigation information

Internet communication protocols imply automatic transmission of personal data. This identification information is managed via cookies logged on our website. These protocols allow us to stabilize website navigation and to improve its safety. Navigation information is detailed in the paragraph 11.

Information contained in navigation data are as follows:

o IP address

o Navigator type

o Access method (domain name and site of origin)

o Pages consulted and internal navigation flow

o Time of access and time spent on each page

o Other parameters (User O.S. and data on his/her equipment)

This technical information are automatically collected and are in an environment, which does not allow identifying a single person without a manual information.

This information can be communicated to legal/government Authorities after reception of a detailed and justified request.

Automatically gathered information is not retained over a period of 1 year.

5) Processing purposes

Website primary objective is to communicate on product information, our expertise and on our Group. In this context, we only gather navigation information (as detailed in §two, step 2).

Data provided directly by the concerned person is retained for the following purposes:

· Recruitment process;

· Various events organized by the company (Symposium, forum, training program…) registration process;

· Communication campaigns subscription management;

· Manage any query transmitted via our website;

· Respond to legal obligations and to Administrative Authorities requests.

To subscribe to one of Acome Group organized event, an entry is done in our Customer Relationship Management tool (Salesforce). This information are retained for commercial prospection purposes.

Focus on home developed apps

Guide de choix: No data is collected via this app besides metrics on downloads. The application is downloadable from App store by Google and Play store by Google platforms. A unique ID is generated per download without any possibility for us to identify the user behind. GPS information allowing to find the nearest reseller are not communicated to us.

No data is therefore retained.

Acome Manager: Application allowing following cable deployment from connected reels developed for one of our customers. Information communicated from the app goes directly to the customer’s server without any transit in our system. We only intervene as data processor in this case though our access to the information is limited to maintenance.

No data is retained.

6) Process grounds

Personal information communication is optional to the concerned person. Communication of such information lies on the user’s consent.

To use the services proposed on our website, the concerned person needs to provide personal information. Refusing to do so or partial provision will not allow booking any subscription to the services.

Data processing as listed on paragraph 4, navigation information, do not require any consent from the concerned person. It will nonetheless be possible to use the rights as provided by law, of information, modification, opposition and suppression of the personal data.

7) Personal data security management

Personal information gathered in the context of the operations listed in paragraph 5 (processing purposes) are processed under the responsibility of the Data Processor. Only accredited personnel have access to this information. Accesses are restrained and can only be done in the context disclosed by current legislation.

Processing methods are either automatic, either manual. When subscribing to an event organized by the Company, an entry is done in our CRM. Those entries are performed in an environment that guaranties confidentiality and personal information security (we provide best efforts to reduce any risks (fraudulent or accidental) such as data loss, modification, unauthorized use etc.).

8) Retention period

Gathered information is only retained for a length of time considered proportional to the treatment purposes. Personal Data is not retained over the retention periods disclosed in the various laws and regulations currently in place. When the retention period end is reached, information are either anonymized, either deleted.

9) Personal information transmitted to third parties

Data collected while surfing on our website are not communicated to third parties outside hosting system.

When subscribing to events such as the Symposium, Personal Data is provided to a travel agency for operational purposes. This third party supports the logistic matters to event attendance (hotel reservation, flight and travel arrangements, etc.). In this specific matter, consent of the Concerned Person is requested.

In the website management context (service provider, hosts, communication agencies, IT support) ACOME Group may request some support from third parties. We will ensure to select third parties that follow same quality criterions. Third party details can be provided upon request by contacting us through this address:

Gathered information can also be communicated upon request to Authorities in a legal procedure.

10) Exchange of information outside EU limits

Data are not communicated to companies outside of EU limits that are not part of the ACOME Group. Data transfers to affiliates are performed on the same grounds and answer to the same security criterions. Purposes may not exceed the ones listed here above. Transfers are not operated without guaranties on security management around Personal Data processing.

11) Cookies

Cookies correspond to lines of code downloaded on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone…) when a user access to our website. Cookies allow to recognize a user and to understand how users surf on our website. An information exchange is done between the website server and the user’s navigator to offer an adjusted navigation.

Cookies that we use:

To provide a better navigation experience, navigation journals (logs) is be collected to understand how our different sections and the functionalities they offer are used. Google Analytics tools are used in this context.

After initial download, a cookie remains on a terminal for a duration of 2 years.

If the user wishes not to have any cookie downloaded on his terminal, it is possible to change navigator settings to reduce or deny any download. Navigation settings applied to our website may not be applicable to other websites which links we host.

To ease your navigator setting process, here are some useful links:

Cookies Management - Google Chrome

Cookies Management - Mozilla Firefox

Cookies Management - Internet Explorer

Cookies Management - Safari

Cookies Management - Android

Cookies Management - IOS

12) Concerned Person’s rights

Any individual concerned by a Personal Data treatment has the following rights:

· Access to the personal information we possess and to related retention periods;

· Possibility to correct or modify any Personal Data;

· Possibility to receive an extraction of Personal Data;

· Possibility to request information deletion (with limits to retention obligations or specific use requested by the Authorities);

· Possibility to refuse a treatment concerning personal information (in such a case, attendance to proposed services will no longer be possible to events like the Symposium per example);

· Possibility to file a complaint to competent Authorities – CNIL organization for France ( Complaint mechanism ).

To use any of the rights listed above or for any information, please use the following email address to contact us:

13) Data privacy policy update

Data Processor will update this policy to abide to the potential evolution of legislative requirements. For this reason, ACOME Group advises users to consult this section periodically.

Intellectual property

The user is informed that in accordance with the IT and liberties law of 6 January 1978, it has the right of access, correction and deletion of any information concerning it with respect to ACOME.

To exercise these rights, an e-mail message should be sent to the address

The general structure as well as the software, text, animated or fixed images, sound, Noah, drawings, graphics and any other item included in the website are the exclusive property of ACOME.

Any total or partial representation of this website by any process whatsoever, without the express authorization of ACOME, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 and the following of the intellectual property code.

Logins and password

Some of the services on the site require a login and password. These logins and passwords are confidential, personal and may not be passed on or transferred. You are responsible for the management, preservation, and for the consequences of their use. It is up to you to take the steps required to protect and preserve them. ACOME cannot in any case be held responsible for any fraudulent use of them. Recordings made by the Internet website IT system during user connections will establish proof of any act by the user on this website, and the proof of the processing of such acts.

ACOME will make every endeavor to offer the users available and verified information and/or tools that cannot be held liable for errors, for the lack of availability of information ancestral for the presence of viruses on the site.

We would like to thank website users for informing us of any omissions, errors or corrections, by sending us a message via the your opinion ( B) form.

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