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Purchasing policy

Our Purchasing Policy is based on four fundamental values:

Delivering optimal quality on time

Purchases made from approved suppliers must allow our transformation, production and packaging units to have the products or services they need and meeting our time and quantity requirements.

Reducing costs

Purchases are by definition part of an ongoing process to improve acquisition costs. The suppliers with whom we work must fit into this process and therefore, not only are they partners in it, but they must also contribute to the process and make suggestions. This is a decisive factor of competitiveness and duration of our relations.

Anticipating and innovating

Materials account for most of our purchases. As in any transformation industry, anticipation and innovation are decisive factors of success that we ask our suppliers to share with us. Not only is this a way of securing consistent cooperation, but it also drives a genuine, mutually profitable relationship.

Measuring performance

All these fundamental values represent real challenges for the company and must therefore be measured. Measuring changes in price and costs but also assessing quality and level of service are vital to validate strategic decisions, the measures taken and to confirm the choice of suppliers we work with.

Based on these four values, we have chosen to work with a small panel of suppliers who are able to propose solutions, to control quality and to take societal issues into account.
Our purchasing policy complies with the Group’s corporate values.