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  • Normandy bridge © CCI Le Havre
  • ©Édouard Caupeil
  • ©Jean-Luc Luyssen
  • ©Florence Levillain
  • CK06 project - Photographer : Arnaud Rinuccini, Architecte : Pablo Katz -
  • © Fotolia - Photographers : AlexQ, Alx, Andres Rodriguez, Bertrand Benoit, Flô, Francois Doisnel, Jean-Michel POUGET, Joe Gough, Johanna Mühlbauer, Julien Jandric, Julien Tromeur, Karl-Heinz Strüdel, Kirsty Pargeter, Lotfi Mattou, NZ-Photos, Olena Turovtseva, Photo168, Sébastien Maurer, Simon Sait, Yuri Arcurs, Yurok Aleksandrovich
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Founded in 1991, Smile is the leading French integrator of open source solutions. The company explores the best solutions on the market in the areas of content management, portals, e-commerce, ERP, business intelligence, customer relationship and system tools in developing an operational one wide range of tools.