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Battery cables

  Câble de batterie  

Battery cables


Electric cables for conventional vehicle power circuits, but also for electric or hybrid vehicles and commercial vehicles


Considerable flexibility thanks to special designs (lengths, insulators)
Excellent thermo-mechanical behavior and resistance to short circuits


Our battery cables are available with sections from 10 mm² to 70 mm² and are produced with various isolators such as unleaded PVC or low halogen reticulated PE for operating temperature classes (3000h) according to various ISO 6722 standards:
T2 B class – 100°C / 3000h.
T3 C class – 125°C/3000h.
T4 D class – 150°C/ 3000h.
They address the technical demands of European manufacturer specifications.


100°C - zone habitacle
Bat G2.pdf [182.96 kB]

125°C - zone moteur / habitacle
Bat A3Z.pdf [182.81 kB]

Bat ES F3Z.pdf [187.86 kB]


150°C - zone moteur
Bat A4Z.pdf [182.91 kB]

Bat ES F4Z.pdf [185.93 kB]

Bat G4H4.pdf [197.72 kB]

Ford, Daimler, VW, GM
Bat FLR2X.pdf [246.19 kB]

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